Implementing a Corner of TrustLogo™ into your Website


Note: Instructions below are only for users of the new 'Corner of TrustLogo™'

Corner of TrustLogo™ is a static element that will remain visible on your website at the bottom right of the browser window. For every page you wish to display the Corner of TrustLogo, you will need to modify your website HTML according to the two steps below. The installation instructions require intermediate knowledge of HTML, however we've included a handy auto-install tool to automate the process.
Step 1: Upload your Corner of TrustLogo™ graphic to your web server and enter the URL below

Enter your graphic URL here:

Here is the image at the URL you entered.

If no image appears, please ensure the correct Corner of TrustLogo™ graphic has been uploaded to your webserver and check the URL for any errors.

Your Corner of TrustLogo™ graphic will have been emailed to you upon completion of your order. Make sure to upload the graphic to your webserver.

Note: The Corner of TrustLogo™ graphic cannot be resized or otherwise modified under any circumstances.
The graphic is pixel specific and our verification system will only work with the graphic emailed to you from Comodo.

Step 2: Copy and paste the 2 snippets of HTML code below.


Snippet 1: Copy/Paste the following piece of code and insert EXACTLY before your </HEAD> tag.
<script> var cot_loc0=(window.location.protocol == "https:")? "" : ""; document.writeln('<script language="JavaScript" src="'+cot_loc0+'" type="text\/javascript"><\/script>'); </script>
Snippet 2: Copy/Paste the following piece of code and insert EXACTLY before your </BODY> tag.

Congratulations, only 2 simple steps are required to install Corner of TrustLogo™.