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If your security certificate has expired we can replace it with a fully valid 30 days free trial certificate. These certificates have all the functionality of a full certificate and will allow you to quickly fix your certificate expiry or invalidity error messages. You will receive a renewal notice 5 days before the certificate is due to expire, when you will be able to upgrade to a full certificate.

Common reasons for the message "the security certificate has expired or is not yet valid" are:

  1. The website that you are visiting has an SSL certificate that has expired, hence invalidating the certificate. Even though this certificate may once have been valid, the fact that the owners of the website do not know or have not been alerted to the security message would point to the fact that the site is not well maintained or supported.
  2. The clock on your computer may be wrong (in the future)! However this will cause many other problems, such as with reminders, calendars etc. and so should be obvious
  3. Your web browser is very old, which will lead to the expiry message. At the time of writing our certificates were not supported by Internet Explorer and Netscape 4. However these browsers are more than 10 years old and should be upgraded
  4. If the web page on your own site has content that is not SSL encrypted (for example links to external non-https sites or non-https images within your own site) you will get a broken padlock image and differing security warnings dependent on the browser
  5. If you are visiting what you believe to be a reputable site and your PC clock is not incorrect it is very likely that you are visiting a phishing site. These are sites that purport to be a well known site using a misleading URL that, at first glance, appears to be a trusted address. Make sure that you inspect the URL or type it in directly when visiting sites that accept personal information
  6. Your are infected with the virus "My Security Engine," which masquerades, ironically, as antivirus software. For more info on the virus, see this website
You can safely switch from an existing certificate from a vendor other than ScionSSL. The underlying SSL protocol is the same for all certificates. However it is better to generate a new CSR before applying for the certificate.

If you have a security certificate that is out of date you can renew for free. All that is required is that your domain is registered in your Company name and you can reply to a security email sent to an email address at your domain.

REMEMBER: A website with an expired certificate is not safe and will not be trusted by your customers, who will see the security alert in all modern web browsers. Website owners who are serious about the safety of their visitors will always keep their SSL certificates up to date and renew them before they expire.