Webstar 4.x CSR generation


Step 1: Generate a Private Key

Use the Key Generator application in the SSL Tools folder of your WebSTAR 4 installation to generate a file containing a private key for use with your secure server.

Follow these steps:

  • Launch the CSR Utility application, which you can find in the Tools & Examples folder, inside the SSL Tools folder of your WebSTAR 4 installation.
  • Enter a password to protect your private key. Make sure that the password is at least 8 characters long, includes letters, numbers and punctuation, and is not a name or a word. Write the password down and store it in a secure place, such as a safety deposit box.

    Do not forget this password! If you lose the password, you will not be able to use your SSL certificate.

  • Click the Create Key button to generate your private key file.
  • Name the private key file something like "Private Key", and save it in your WebSTAR 4 folder
Step 2: Create your Certificate Signing Request
  • Choose Certificate Request in the Action menu of the CSR Utility application.
  • Fill in all the fields with the appropriate information. Make sure that the Common Name you specify will be the actual domain name that you want to use your SSL certificate with.
  • Click the Choose... button and select the private key file you created.
  • In the Key File Passphrase field enter the password you used to generate your private key.
  • Click the Create button to generate your Certificate Signing Request.
  • Name the certificate signing request file something like "Certificate Request", and save it in your WebSTAR 4 folder.
  • Quit the CSR Utility program.

During the order process, you will be asked to "Copy & Paste" your CSR into the CSR field on the order form. Since you just have saved your certificate signing request (CSR) file to your WebSTAR 4 folder, all you have to do is to open your CSR file with a text editor and copy and paste the content into the CSR field on the order form.

WebStar 4.x requires a Netscape chained certificate in order to function properly. Please contact our customer support staff (at support@comodo.com) to request your certificate please include your order number when requesting this certificate. You can find our contact information here. Copy & paste your SSL Certificate (including the -----BEGIN NETSCAPE CERTIFICATE CHAIN----- and -----END NETSCAPE CERTIFICATE CHAIN----- headers) into a raw text editor such as notepad, ensuring that no extra line spaces or extra characters are inserted into the data. Choose to save the file as yourdomainname.txt.

Webstar 4.x Installation
  • Start the WebSTAR Admin utility and login to your WebSTAR 4 server.
  • Open Server Settings under Edit.
  • Select SSL Security.

    Note: In case the WebSTAR Admin utility does not have a SSL Security setting, then you will have to re-install your WebSTAR 4 server to enable SSL serving.

  • Select the server IP address that corresponds points to your domain name that you want to use the certificate with.
  • From the Security pull down menu select SSL2 & SSL3.
  • Behind the SSL Certificate File field, click the Choose button to select your certificate file (yourdomainname.txt).
  • Behind the Private Key File field, click the Choose button to select the private key you have generated while you have made your CSR.
  • Type your private key password into the Private Key Password field.
  • Under Encryption Options, select all encryption options, except MAC (No Encryption).
  • Click the Save button and exit the WebSTAR Admin utility.
  • Restart your WebSTAR 4 server.