About ScionSSL


ScionSSL is a UK-based security solutions provider that is fast becoming the choice for leading online resellers, developers, ISPs and other professional bodies worldwide.

ScionSSL provides next generation Ecommerce security solutions for web hosting providers, web developers, security consultants and businesses. ScionSSL offers "one stop" security; a comprehensive, user friendly infrastructure designed and integrated using digital signature products and services.

ScionSSL is part of Scion Solutions Ltd and was formed to handle growing certificate and identity requirements in a fast growing E-commerce environment.

Scion Solutions Ltd was formed in 1999 and specialises in database development and systems integration, WiFi Integration, SMS Interface Design, Web Hosting, Ecommerce, Domain Registration, Web Development and Ecommerce Consultancy.


Slack Laithe Farm
Hollin Hall
BB8 8PX 

Tel: 01282 863286